Disagreement over tender for waste management plant in Aurangabad

A disagreement between two opposing political parties threatens to delay the proposed 150 TPD waste management plant at Harsul, Aurangabad. At a standing committee meeting held at the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), Shiv Sena members wanted the project to be given to an agency proposed by their administration. On the other hand, members of the BJP protested against the finalising of the previous tender and sought a new tender.

Last year, the AMC had called a tender for the appointment of an agency to run the Harsul waste management facility. Pune’s PH Jadhav made the lowest bid followed by Waluj’s Mayo Vessels. In September, the BJP rejected the tender and raised questions about the shortlisted agency’s efficiency. On Tuesday, the Shiv Sena sought approval for the same agency, to which the BJP objected.

The Times of India reports that a final decision will be made after seeking legal advice.

Picture Credit: Niks887Ahilyabai Holkar ChowkCC BY-SA 3.0

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