First biogas unit to be constructed under Gobar-Dhan scheme

On 29 August, the first phase of the so-called Gobar-Dhan scheme (Galvanising Organic Bio-Agro Resources Dhan) has started in the village of Nayagaon, Haryana. As reported in May 2018, the federal state of Haryana has launched the scheme for supporting the production of biogas from cattle dung. It aims at assisting village councils (gram panchayats) in setting up gas plants in their villages. According to pressreader, the new biogas plant in Nayagaon, located in Haryana’s Hisar district, is expected to be built within four months. Currently, there are around 450 so-called gaushalas and nandishalas (shelters for bovine animals) in Haryana.

Picture credit: Volker Thies (Asdrubal), Biogas, CC BY-SA 3.0

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