Kerala starts to clear legacy waste at 47 dumpsites

The Kerala government has started the process of reclaiming land with legacy waste dumpsites. Faced with inadequate waste treatment infrastructure, the local self-government department (LSGD) has identified around 47 dumps with enormous piles of residual garbage throughout the state.

Around 10.5 lakh tonnes of legacy waste, 40 of which go under corporations and municipalities and seven under panchayats, are reportedly amassed at these locations, according to government sources. Around 10 of these locations have been successfully regained after two years of effort, and work is still ongoing at many others. According to an official, the cost to dispose of legacy waste is between Rs 850 – 1,000 per cubic meter.

“Progress is being made at 11 sites, and work will soon begin at 10 more locations. Most of the dumps are situated in the center of towns or cities, and the property’s value is enormous. The Thrissur dumpsite is being cleared, and there is a plan to build a stadium there, reports The New Indian Express.

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