Dehradun seeks new waste plant operator and waste manager

Representational image by Terence Ong, CC BY 2.5,

A tender seeking a new plant operator, replacing Re Sustainability Limited (RE) (formerly known as Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited) was due to open on 13 September 2022.

The tender was floated by Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD), Uttarakhand, which is now seeking preferably a local company (or even two companies to manage collection and plant operation). RE currently operates the solid waste management and recycling plant in Sheeshambada and also is in charge of (door-to-door) waste collection in 69 wards.

RE, as further stated in the source, has already notified the MCD to be relieved of all responsibilities by the end of September 2022. Both the MCD and RE accuse each other on alleged breach of agreements under the contract.

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