New white paper on India’s Waste to Energy potential

Waste collected at after 15 days of Shop With Your Waste Campaign in Panaji

As stated in a recent white paper, India can use its current waste volumes to produce 65 GW of electricity per year – and this can grow to 165 GW by 2030 and 436 GW by 2050.

As per the white paper, India currently generates 65 million tonnes of waste every year, which is estimated to go up to 165 million tonnes by 2030 and 436 million tonnes by 2050. As further report, about 75 to 80% of MSW is collected today. Of this, however, only 22 to 28% is processed and treated.

The white paper also indicates that India has a total of 3,159 active waste dump sites. These reportedly account for around 20% of the India’s total methane emissions.

The paper was prepared at a recently held 2-day workshop named ‘Methane Emissions Management from Landfill and Waste’, organised by the ICCSA Foundation and TISS, Mumbai.

As further stated in the source, the white paper also includes suggestions, amongst others, that the India government should prepare a strategy for reducing non-CO2 green house gas emission across the (waste) sector.

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